acomodar el cuerpo para

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    I want to say in English:

    Tienes que acomodar el cuerpo para que puedas pegarle bien al balón.
    Acomoda bien el cuerpo para que mantengas el equilibrio y no caigas de la viga.

    My attempts:
    You have to adjust/fix?? your body to kick the ball well.
    Adjust/fix?? your body to keep your balance and don't fall off the beam. Regards.
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  2. danielfranco

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    Yo recomendaría el uso de "position":
    You've got to position your body right so that you can strike/kick the ball well.
    Position your body so as to keep your balance and not fall off the beam.

    O algo así…
  3. testoduro Senior Member

    Español(de España)
    You have to align your body to...
  4. reformeño Senior Member

    Thank you, I will use position
  5. Wisconsinite Senior Member

    English United States
    Use position.

    Align is different--when talking about a person's body, align means to line things up, literally in a straight line. You align your body when you stand up tall with good posture. Everything is in it's place and your body is straight. You can also have alignment (or misalignment) of your back or legs, which refers to your vertabrae lining up properly (or not), or your legs not being the same length causing you to be a little crooked (not straight).

    When you get ready to strike the ball, you do not necessarily make a straight line with your body. In fact for balance, you probably extend one leg back while extending the opposite arm forward, or twist in one direction, or some other non-linear arrangement of the body.
  6. reformeño Senior Member

    Very helpful information, thanks, Wisconsinite.
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