acquired ribbon?


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<We enjoyed many family games with other families. The games culminated with an Olympic-style awards ceremony. We acquired(=get, right?) some inexpensive ribbons and built a stage like Olympic awards platform.>

Why author didn't use 'buy' instead of 'acquire'?

There is a reason? The families didn't buy the ribbons?
What is the meaning 'acquire' here?
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    It means "obtained." Given that it is mentioned that they were inexpensive, they probably bought the ribbons rather than receive them as new or used donations.

    "Acquired" was just a stylistic choice by the writers, possibly meant to make the sentence sound more interesting.


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    "Acquire" means that they came into your possession by a variety of means. Donated / bought / stolen / found etc

    However "to buy" means that they came into your possession by one way only, that is by purchasing them.
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