acquis à la cause de


France, français
Hi all,

In French, to say that someone strongly believes in and supports a cause (e.g. freedom) or an idea (e.g. the unity of Europe), we use the expression "acquis à la cause de".

Thus, to say
"Acquis à la cause de l'unité européenne, il est un grand défenseur des institutions actuelles"
I would propose
"Strongly convinced by the necessity of European unity, he is a strong advocate of the current institutions".
It seems awkward to me however... Would someone (preferably a native speaker) have a better / more idiomatic expression ?

Thanks a lot in advance !
  • bh7

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    You could try
    As a strong backer/supporter of European unity, he fiercely/zealously/passionately defends [or: he will fiercely/zealously/passionately defend] the existing institutions.
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