acreditar un patrimonio

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  1. altheago Senior Member

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    The context for the following is instructions from a government agency for the necessary requirements to establish a non-profit in that country. One line is:

    "Si la gestión es para una Fundación, acreditar un patrimonio, ya sea en especies o en numerario de L.50,000.00."

    My question is about "acreditar un patrimonio". Here is my proposed translation:
    If the application is for a Foundation, you must prove assets in-kind or cash of L.50,000.00

    Looking forward to your suggestions/corrections.

  2. Friendly Bob Banned

    Yo creo que patrimonio se está empleando en un sentido amplio, es decir, todo cuando esa persona moral posee y no exlcusivamente contemplarlo bajo su aspecto financiero, como dice Wikipedia "el conjunto de los bienes y derechos pertenecientes a una persona, física o jurídica".

    quizá "patrimony".
  3. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Yes, cash or in-kind assets.
    "Patrimony" is not used much in English.
  4. altheago Senior Member

    USA Bilingual
    Thanks K-in-sc for your feedback. I'm in NC!
  5. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Go Tar Heels! (Not!) :D
    I see that you translated "gestión" loosely as "application." How sure are you about that?
    Where is this for? Honduras?
  6. altheago Senior Member

    USA Bilingual
    yes, this is for Honduras. I'm not totally sure about "application" except that the previous sentence talks about registering the organization with City Hall as part of the process of meeting requirements for legal status. What other suggestion do you have for "gestion"?

    Tar Heels? Hmmm...I'm a Wolfpack! :)
  7. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    I'm not saying "application" wouldn't work. The only other options I can see are "if establishing a foundation," "for a foundation" or "in the case of a foundation."
  8. altheago Senior Member

    USA Bilingual
    thanks again. I'll explore a few more contextual possibilities.

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