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Hello everyone,
Many people use shorthand writings in internet or text messages.
Are the shorthand writings such as AKA(Also known as), BRB(Be right back), HAND(Have a nice day) called acronym ?
As far as I know, acronyms are words made by the first letters of long words or phrases and they are pronounced as words not spell out. The examples are AIDS, laser, NATO, UNESCO., etc.
I wonder what you call the internet shorthand writings such as AKA, BRB, HAND, FYI.
Are they acronyms or just abbreviations?
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    Hello lune97. :)

    I believe this thread will answer your question:
    "acronyms" and "abbreviations"

    If it doesn't fully answer your question, please add to the end. Your question and the answer will make the thread more complete for people who consult it in the future. :)

    I am closing this thread.

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