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    Hello everyone,

    Direct quote from Sins and Needles by Karina Halle: "He took the next exit, and I couldn’t help but scream again as we headed the wrong way down an on-ramp. Soon we were flying across the meridian, and with a deft twist, he got the car on the right side of the road. We sped off down the street until the house and buildings emptied into undeveloped desert. We were safe, for now."

    What does "Soon we were flying across the meridian" mean? Across the meridian? The rest is for context. Honestly, I haven't got the faintest idea.
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    It's a mistake. She means the median.

    me•di•an /ˈmidiən/ adj. [usually: before a noun]
    1. situated in or relating to the middle:a low median income.
    n. [countable]
    1. ...
    2. ..
    3. Also calledˈme•di•an ˈstrip. a strip in the middle of a highway to separate opposite lanes of traffic.
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    I would assume that it is a mis-print (it is in the version on Google Books) for "median" (Word Reference dictionary):
    It's also possible that "meridian" is used in the local dialect of the author or the character with this meaning.
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    I immediately understood the term as I have heard it before but it took a while to find some corroboration at

    Here they define the term 'median strip' as "The dividing area, either paved or landscaped, between opposing lanes of traffic on some highways. Also called median, ; also called regionally boulevard, mall, Also called medial strip, meridian, Also called neutral ground."

    Historically a meridian is a geographical line of longitude.
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    Thank you everybody for your detailed answers. Problem solved thanks to you all.

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