across the street from <the> fire station


A fire in a bar has happened. An investigator asks Mulder who has a report on the accident:
-- Any indication an accelerant was used?
-- The bar's across the street from the fire station. It burned to the ground before they had a chance to even respond. The fire marshal said it burned so hot, it turned the concrete foundation into sponge cake.
The X-Files, TV series

The accident happened in a bar which was located "in town", compared to Cape Cod. So what does the definite article indicate? That it's the only fire station in this town? And could "a fire station" have been correct too?
Thank you.
  • Sparky Malarky

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    It could be the only fire station in town, but it is definitely the fire station that would respond to the fire. Therefore, it's the relevant fire station. Even if the town has many fire stations, this is the only one we would discuss.


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    I understand it as: the fire station which would surely have been the one (or the first) to respond, because it is right across the street.

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