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Hi, everyone!
The speed-boat had struck a buoy, but it continued to move very quickly across the water. ( Lesson 86, Vol.2, New Concept English, Longman)
What does across in red mean? Can I replace across with throughout?
Thank you!
  • 77Cat77

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    What about on the sea? Will “on the sea” convey a different meaning from “across the sea”?
    I’m wondering what does the author covey with across.

    Hermione Golightly

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    'Across' the water or sea tells us that the boat is moving from one part of the water to another and often from one side to the other. If we are talking about a moving boat it has to be on the water, doesn't it. That sentence has no context so we can't fully explain why 'across' is being used.

    To get to France from England you have to swim or sail across the English Channel. You can fly across too or go by tunnel.
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