Hi. Do you think I can use the word across in this translation?
man’s lonely spirit speaks through this mimics, more sincerely and more thoughtless than across spoken monologue”. (my translation)

This is the original text in Spanish: "a través de esta mímica habla el espíritu solitario del hombre, con más sinceridad e inconciencia que en el monólogo hablado."

Thx very much
  • kite girl

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    español, argentina
    podría ser: across this mimic, spike the spirit's lonely man, with more sincerely and thoughtlessness than spoken monologue

    espero que te sirva, saludos



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    Across doesn't seem to work here.
    Man's lonely spirit speaks through this mimicry/mime (???) more sincerely and unconsciously (less self-consciously?) than in spoken monologue.
    I like your translation, but the word "mime" (while correct, I chekced the dictionary) makes me think of a person (a mime, like Marcel Marceau), so I wouild use "mimicry". I would also use "less self-consciously", partly because of the construction of "more __ and less".