act as a drag


Does "act as a drag" mean "act as a tool to postpone the deadline..."? Simply a wild guess here. How a deadline can be postponed?

In an email this afternoon, an EPA spokeswoman said Wheeler will take all of the committee's advice under consideration. Tony Cox, a Denver-based consultant who chairs the committee, said in an email that members have not discussed how to proceed if Wheeler rejects it. Also unclear is whether revival of the auxiliary panel would act as a drag on completing the review by EPA's self-imposed deadline of December 2020.

Source: Science
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    Read it "as an impediment to"

    Deadlines can always be changed, especially by the people who set them in the first place .... note the "self-imposed" in your post.


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    It's unclear what effect the revival might have. But at least some people suspect it will slow down the process significantly, possibly leading to missing the deadline.
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