act on predication

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  1. rorocker Senior Member

    Hello, I need your help again, sorry!, This time this text is about a fraud examination and its different steps, this is one of them,
    I can't get an accurate translation.

    act on predication

    Should not conduct or continue fraud examinations without proper predication

    my try:

    Actuar en forma previsora

    No se debería conducir o continuar exámenes de fraudes sin una apropiada previsión.
  2. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

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    I have never heard this word used that way, but from the context it seems to be "without a solid basis."

    Wait for other opinions.
  3. William Stein Senior Member

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    Right, it must be the same thing as "probable cause" (causas probables")= suspicions predicated (grounded) on solid evidence

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