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I'm having trouble with the term specified above, I provide context:

In many ways, her role in that movie was an old familiar one: the beautiful woman left unfulfilled by a repressed, tormented homosexual. But this time her character acts out on her own, engaging in her own affair and scheming against her husband.

Here is my attemp:

En muchos aspectos, su papel en Reflejos era terreno conocido: una mujer bella infelizmente casada con un homosexual reprimido y atormentado. Pero en esta ocasión, Elizabeth sólo tuvo que evocar su propia experiencia personal al confabular contra su marido.

Am I going in the right direction?

Thank you in advance
  • dinis.dinis

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    Pero, esta vez, su personaje pasa a la ofensiva exteriorizando su descontento, lanzándose a una aventura y confabulando contra su marido.

    For me the phrase "on her own" implies that she is no longer a passive victim waiting to react to his torments but rather gives free rein to her frustrations by taking the the ofensive.

    This is my best attempt.
    Perhaps, you can "take the ball and run with it" from here!

    Best Wishes,
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