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At the very bottom of a Peruvian birth certificate, after the doctor who certified the certificate signed his name, it says in all capital letters "ACTA AL MARGEN," and I'm not sure what this could mean. I can't give any better context for it. I believe an "acta" is a written record or certificate, but "al margen" doesn't seem to translate literally here to "in/at the margin."

If I were forced to make a guess, I'd say something like "Certificate in the margin."

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Mil gracias.
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    This is still a concern for me, but I can provide more information now. I am working from a scan, and unfortunately not a very good one. I initially called the document a birth certificate, but it is really an application to register the birth at theof the baby after the fact at the local district office.

    The scanned document is divided in half, with the smaller portion being on the left and just asking for the the name of the baby, date and place of birth, and the doctor who is issuing the ceritificate. It is below that where "ACTA AL MARGEN" is found. And to the right is the completed application for the registration of the birth, with the words "REGISTRO de NACIMIENTOS" running along the border that divides the two sections of the document sideways.

    So does it most likely mean "Certificate in the margin?" Does that even make sense?
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    Really?? but, I don't have another side on my certificate being translated. Does anyone have a different translation?
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