acta de la mesa

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Hi everyone

I'm having a hard time translating the phrase 'acta de la mesa' in the following sentence:

XXX ha presentado su proposicion conforme al procedimiento previsto en el Pliego de Bases, estando su documentacion correcta segun acta de la mesa del concurso...

Is it some sort of tender specification document?

Many thanks!
  • ac552

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    Español - Chile
    Most probably it phrase is in the context of a public purchase.
    In this kind of purchase, a committee is designed to open and check offers and, finally, select one of them. They make a document in which they explain the process and write every single decision. This document is the "Acta", the whole process is a "Concurso (público de ofertas)", and the "Mesa" is the meeting itself in which they make the decisions.
    I hope it helps you to understand the idea, and find the perfect phrase in English.
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