acta en que se consigna la apertura

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  1. peluchon Banned

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    un acta en el que se consigna la apertura (de un sobre), sería
    opening record?? record of openign??
  2. Cathoos Member

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    I think you're trying to say opening act. Is it a group/band that is peforming first?
  3. peluchon Banned

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    No, this is a document recording the the date, time and circumstances under which something is opened. Example: a suspicious envelope was found in a post office (containing drugs maybe), so it has to be opened by the police, so the police draws up this document recording everything related to the openeing of such envelope: This June 28, 2007, a yellow envelope was open in the presence of Attorney xxx, etc, etc, etc.
    I want to know if this document can be called "opening record" or "record of the opening", do I have to include envelope??
  4. Cathoos Member

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    Hi Peluchon,

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I tried to look up this information doing a search on the web. I'm not very familiar with legal terms in English nor Spanish so this is just a guess; I think the document would be called a 'Case Opening Document' but you will probably want to do some more checking. I would recommend going on Google or some other search engine. Well, I hope I helped :)


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