'Action from a dead people' in a more poetic way

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Lutshow, May 16, 2011.

  1. Lutshow New Member

    Hi everyone.
    English is not my mother tong, and I was wandering :

    How can you express something like :
    " The man was talking to us from
    - Above the ground
    - From the sky
    - From heaven
    - From the other world
    - From the land of death

    - ..."

    Meaning being, the man is dead, and somehow, he's sending us a message (had it all prepared).
    I'm looking for an idiom, or a way to say so in a poetic (or at least a neutral) manner.

    Above the ground sounds a bit like a zombie movie to me. From the sky doesn't make it clear that the person is dead. From heaven is quite religious, and the other world is quite vague. I can't really rely on the context here, since the sentence won't have any.

    French is my mother tong, and we have quite a few words to denominate the land of death.

    I was just hopping someone would give me a few example of saying such a thing.

    Thank you for any answer.
  2. Zen_Dyzaster New Member

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    "From beyond" would be a common idiom.
  3. pob14 Senior Member

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    I agree with "from beyond," or possibly even "from beyond the grave."

    And I think that perhaps French is your mother tongue, which is why you were wondering. :) Welcome to the forum, Lutshow.
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