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    Hi, everyone:

    According to my dictionary. it says "action" has the following meaning:

    informal exciting things that are happening:
    There hasn't been much action around here for months.
    New York is where all the action is.

    Could you tell me the origin of the sense?

    More explanation:
    I came across a "action" with this sense in one article. But, I think it is difficult for me to make the association between "action“ and "excitement".

    Best wishes.
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    Action in this context means more than excitement. All the best theater, restaurants, nightclubs, famous people, cultural and social events, in fact everything one could want for an exciting, busy social schedule, make up the action. I prefer to live far from the action and visit cities where it happens only occassionally. There will be plenty of action in Beijing during the Olympics!
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    I love tepatria's post, as usual.

    But I think your first example "There hasn't been much action around here for months." can also be read as "There hasn't been much going on around here for months." It's like in the police movies, you hear "We need some action here" all the time. Here "action" simply means "anything exciting/worth mentioning".
  4. hly2004 Banned

    Thank you both:)

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