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Hi everybody,

I am wondering what "activate profile" means.

In English, profile is " a short description of someone's life, work, character etc".
Activate itself means "to cause something to start".

Then, "activate/trigger profile(s)" means "create profile"?
It seems to be "change profile". Is it?

Anybody can help me with this?
Thanks in advance,
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    What's the context?

    It sounds as though you have signed up for something on the internet, and they need you to confirm (activate) your membership.


    "Activate profile" actually comes from Maven tutorial.

    <Profiles can be activated in the Maven settings, via the <activeProfiles> section. This section takes a list of <activeProfile> elements, each containing a profile-id inside.
    <settings> ... <activeProfiles> <activeProfile>profile-1</activeProfile> </activeProfiles> ... </settings>
    Profiles listed in the <activeProfiles> tag would be activated by default every time a project use it.
    Profiles can be automatically triggered based on the detected state of the build environment. These triggers are specified via an <activation> section in the profile itself.>



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    Well, that sounds like a matter of working out how Maven works - beyond the scope of this forum.

    Ask on the Maven forum, if they have one. At any rate, you'll need to ask a Maven user about how to go about it.


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    If you click on the link with your name at the top of this page, you will see what we call in English "the profile page". (If you see the forum labels in Korean, it will be called something else in the page you see.)

    Apparently, there is some procedure that you should do to set up your profile, and they call that "activating your profile". Possibly, you have to do that in order to participate as a member in the forum. As eni8ma says, you will need to ask someone on that forum how to do it.


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    Thank you for adding the information that this is about Maven. This context is essential. Without it, it is easy to misunderstand what is being discussed here.

    This is not about user profiles in social sites (such as Word Reference Forum) or elsewhere.

    Maven is a software project management system. It comes from the same people who manage Apache Web server software (the Apache Software Foundation).

    Maven describes projects via something called the Project Object Model (POM).

    The POM includes the ability to specify an optional profile. If a profile is present and activated, it can change certain elements of the code. For example, it can specify that a different error message display method be used in testing than the one that users will use later on, perhaps one that provides more internal technical information about a problem. Or, it can specify that a test database should be used instead of the real one.

    In order to affect the project, a profile must be activated. That is what the quoted sentence refers to. The activation element in the profile specifies when it is active. Alternatively, a profile can be active by default.

    I hope that explains what the sentence means. More information on setting up and using Maven profiles is beyond the scope of a language forum. I hope you can find enough help in the Maven documentation, the various e-mail lists for Maven users and developers (they are listed at, along with instructions for subscribing) and your colleagues to go the rest of the way.