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    Does someone know how to translate "activity mapping" into French? The term is for a CV and refers to a skill acquired from a design proposal in urban geography.

  2. jann

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    sorry, but what is activity mapping? there aren't exactly a lot of google hits...

    1. an exhaustive list of activities that organizations undertake, with each activity allocated to a specific tier of the organization ? - s'agirait-il d'une espèce d'organigramme sous forme de liste?
    2. mapping land use ? - land use is "l'occupation des sols"
    3. ???
  3. contradiction91 New Member

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Sounds most like option 2. It includes identifying pedestrian and automobile flow, servicing routes, etc... for a specific land area.

    Hope that helps in the translation!
  4. jann

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    thanks, now I have a better idea of what you mean.

    "land use" as in "occupation des sols" is not appropriate - it indicates the map showing what areas are forests, agricultural (by crop), urban, infrastructure, etc

    I don't know if there is a proper technical term for activity mapping in French. However, you can easily speak of "cartographie de/des X" where X is what you are mapping. In this case, maybe this would be something like "cartographie des flux pietonniers et automobiles" ou just "cartographie des flux et transports".

    Maybe a native speaker would have a better suggestion.
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    calendrier des activites?

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