activo monetario

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    Hola: necesito opiniones cualificadas . ¿"Activo monetario" sería en principio lo mismo que "activo liquido" o más bien "activo en divisas"? Estamos hablando de las actividades de fondos de inversion y el contexto: "nuestro equipo de expertos financieros busca las mejores oportunidades de invertir en activos monetarios cotizados a diario". ¿La traducción más adecuada sería "liquid assets" o "monetary assets"? Especulan con divisas, pero ¿como decirlo de la forma más técnicamente correcta?
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    The top item on a balance sheet is usually : "Cash, and cash equivalents" "Monetary assets" is understandable as being pretty much the same thing.
    For me, "Liquid Assets" is a little broader, and depending on the business could include inventory/merchandise for example.
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    Thanks elirlandes. I agree that that would be the translation if this were in fact a company financial statement, but they are talking about buying and selling euros, dollars and yen on the international market to exploit exchange rate fluctuations. For "activo monetario", as an investment line, I have decided to use "currency (investment) instrument" because, as you point out, "liquid assets" is too broad a category and "C & CE" is an accounting term.
    Anyone else like to give an opinion to leave the thread in good shape?

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