acto de auxilio policial prestado

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    This is the title of a police document, in a homicide investigation, where the document talks about the circumstances in which a dying person was found by the police and brought to the hospital before passing away. It´s signed by "el instructor".

    I´m guessing "Act of Borrowed Judicial Assistance"? I don´t really know why it would say "borrowed".
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    Hola Again


    I don't know Criminal Law in Peru, but I'm sure is influenced by the Spanish one. According to this I'm going to explain you some legal practices that will clarify your texts.

    Police in Spain informs the Judge by four diferent ways:
    1.- oral (is not used at all, but is foreesen by law)
    2.- By means a Police Proceedings (ATESTADO o DILIGENCIAS)
    3.- By mean of an OFICIO (writ)
    4.- By mean of an ACTA

    The ACTA (which I would translate as minutes or maybe act) is an independent document which is insterted in a Police Proceeding. Its contain could be similar to a "DILIGENCIA" but is made usually far from the police proceedings are made. For instance: A House Search ordered by a Judge. When all is finished all presents sign a document (ACTA) in which all events happened during the search are registered. What has been seized, where... etc. In that sense ACTO DE AUXILIO POLICIAL PRESTADO is a writ attached to a police proceeding signed by the instructor of the proceedings in which is narrated any police activity. Another example of an ACT is the report made on the spot by tecnicians of the Police (Scientist Police, Explosives, etc). All their actions, investigations and conclusions are reflected in an ACTA (act) which is sent to the Judge through the Police Proceedings made by the "instructor" (actually the instructor uses to be the head of the police investigators of the case)
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    Thanks a lot for all the information, it´s been really useful to me. I think I´ll just translate it as "Act of Given Police Support" for the sake of simplicity.

    But I don´t understand why "acta" could be translated as "minutes"...
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    Buenos días !!!

    I have seen it in several documents ( We have here a word: MINUTA which has several meanings, one of them when a police officer or any other public servant informs on something to a higher rank officer. If is not an information but an official request is named INSTANCIA (application). Thats the reason why I told you minutes. (may be wrong). Futhermore, I wanted to make differences between Act --> Law and act as a police/judicial/notarized document

    The administrative/judicial paperwork in Spain is wrapped with 18 th. century formulisms

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