acto de toma de protesta

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  1. danwinnemucca Member

    Nevada (U.S) English
    Hi all,

    This is from a Mexican education document, an exemption from a professional exam. The entire line reads:

    con el carácter de presidente, secretario, y vocal nombrados para el acto de toma de protesta de: [Name]

    Thanks so much and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  2. Miss ESL Senior Member

    It could be ...designated after the protest by_______.
  3. vicdark

    vicdark Senior Member

    Español, Bolivia
    In Mexico it means "Inauguration" as in Presidential Inauguration. The first time I saw it, I tought it was a bad mistake. I checked it out, and discovered it is perfectly correct.

    However, I would say "Toma de Mando" or something similar.
  4. Miss ESL Senior Member

    Gracias por educarnos, nunca habia escuchado la frase.
  5. danwinnemucca Member

    Nevada (U.S) English
    Yeah, thanks, that one was strange.
  6. Hippocampus Zosterae New Member

    Southern California
    Spanish / Caribean and US English
    el acto de toma de protesta means - the act of taking an oath. ie hypocratic, legal or some otherwise professional oath.

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