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silver lining

French - Canada
Hi all,

Is the structure "something become something" (e.g., "an actress become designer") an idiomatic turn that has the same meaning as "turned" ("an actress turned designer")? I can't find any official literature addressing this issue; I tried scouring Google, to no avail. I'm pretty sure I've heard it before, but I don't know to what extent it's considered "proper". Does this expression ring true to your native ears?

Thank you very much!
  • owlman5

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    This version sounds a little strange to me, Silver Lining. I understand it, but I don't recall ever hearing other native speakers use "become" this way. A phrase like "an actress who became a designer" would sound ordinary.


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    I also wonder if you might have heard actress cum designer instead, which would mean that she was both.


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    It seems likely that "cum" is the word you are looking for. Notice that it doesn't mean exactly the same thing as "turned."
    combined with; also used as: a study-cum-bedroom.

    We have several threads discussing cum in various contexts. They may be helpful.
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