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    I have trouble with the following phase:

    El Juez actuando en juicio sumario, resolverá lo procedente.

    The context is the labor code in which the procedure for determining the legality of firing union leadership is being defined...

    The paragraph which proceeds the phrase is:

    Los trabajadores miembros de la Junta Directiva de una organización sindical, desde su elección hasta seis (6) meses después de cesar en sus funciones, no podrán ser despedidos de su trabajo sin comprobar previamente ante el Juez de Letras del Trabajo respectivo o ante el Juez de lo Civil en su defecto, que exista justa causa para dar por terminado el contrato.

    Thanks for your help. For some reason no matter how I translate it, I am realizing I don't know what "juicio sumario" is.
  2. David

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    I presume this is from El Salvador. There, if I remember correctly, thetrial process has two stages or etapas, the sumario and the plenario. The sumario is kind of a preliminary stage involving investigation and a hearing, where the Juez de Instrucción determines whether there is enough evidence to procede to, or instruir, a full trial on the merits.

    Regardless of the details of the procedure, I believe you could translate this as: The Judge, after hearing, shall resolve matters brought under the foregoing.

    The six months, I guess, is a protection for workers who get elected to the union shop committees and cannot be fired for six months thereafter, as a means of protecting them from employer retaliation.
  3. Dani California

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    Aquí parece que hablan de actuaciones procesales sumarias (juicio sumario) de carácter laboral, so summary proceedings at the labour court.
    Yo diría: the labour judge through summary proceedings shall issue an appropriate decision o directamente shall resolve the matter.
    Un saludo
  4. cipotarebelde Senior Member

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    Thank you both. It's from Honduras, actually. I believe that "lo procedente" refers to the manner in which the decision is made.

  5. Dani California

    Dani California Senior Member

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    Lo procedente= lo que es conforme a derecho.

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