Acute safety events

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by nanai55, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. nanai55 New Member

    castellano, peru
    Tengo un texto medico donde dice:
    "no patients experienced prespecified acute safety events"

    Tengo problemas al traducir acute safety events.

  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    Los "events" son efectos secundarios de un medicamento, y aquí son efectos graves peligrosos preespecificados. (Se puede suponer que si algunos de los pacientes sintieron efectos graves peligrosos, no fueron los preespecificados.)
  3. Bill Osler

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    Although I think the overall idea is correct, this page shows that the phrase does not necessarily refer to side effects from medication. The phrase could be used in almost any context referring to a medical research project testing medications, devices or potentially even changes in hospital staffing or patient care protocols.
    Also, I am not sure about the Spanish usage but is "graves" the best word in "efectos graves peligrosos preespecificados"? I think I would have translated "prespecified acute safety events" as "efectos peligrosos agudos preestablicidos" but I am not fully confident of that translation.
    The English phrasing does not address the question of whether there might be late/chronic events.
  4. nanai55 New Member

    castellano, peru
    Hi Bill..
    The linked text is exactly what im translating.
    So, im going with your translation, although im not fully confident either.
  5. gringoloko Senior Member

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    Español - Colombia, Inglés EUA
    "Acute events" se traduce perfectamente "eventos agudos". No estoy completamente seguro de la mejor traducción para "safety", pero para el resto yo propondría "ningún paciente experimentó los eventos agudos especificados de antemano/prespecificados."

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