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I read a magazine and here's a sentence I don't understand:

By now, Facebook users seem to finally get that they may not get charged anything for using the social networking service, but it sure isn't free, not after being subjected to ad after spookily tailored ad. (Source: Putting a price tag on privacy. By Lee Schafer/2018, Star Tribune. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.)

What does the bold part mean?

Does it mean "not after experiencing ad after well-designed ad"? Then, what does it mean?

Thanks a lot
  • Uncle Jack

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    Facebook users are subjected to ad after ad, and these ads are tailored towards their needs, or at least things that they have recently been looking at. This level of targeting may be seen as being spooky (how on earth could they have known I was interested in garden sheds and handcuffs?).


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    The basic formula here is "ad after ad", indicating that they are being continuously bombarded with (subjected to) ads.
    All the ads are "spookily tailored", and to say "spookily tailored ad after spookily tailored ad" would be overkill, so the embellishment "spookily tailored" is only applied to the second "ad".
    how on earth could they have known I was interested in garden sheds and handcuffs?
    My goodness! I would never have suspected this of you.
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