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Hello dears,

I'm learning international law and I've seen this phrase "ad Article" in its laws as well as cases (for example, in the text of "Annex I: Notes and Supplementary Provisions" there is "Ad Article I", "Ad Aritcle II", ect. or in this phrase "the Interpretative Note ad Article III"). I've consulted many dictionaries but still can't understand what "ad" means in this phrase. Is it a latin word with the meaning "to, towards"?

Please help me, thank you all.
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    It looks like it. I have never seen this in English law use, but international law presumably borrows elements from European civil law, which I'm guessing this is. Ad here might mean "in connexion with, related to, attached to, directed towards", something of that kind. A note ad an article makes sense in that way.
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