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  • Flooooooooor

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    Professionals working in tech startups or marketing might have a more thorough expertise of ad engagement, but here's my understanding as perhaps the typical understanding a 20's-30's native English speaker in the 21st century has of the term.

    An advertiser wants people to click on their ad on Facebook so that they might buy whatever the advertiser is selling, so when people click on the ad and go to the advertiser's website, they are engaging with, or interacting with, the advertisement. Since this is on Facebook, a company's corporate Facebook page might also count as engagement when users comment on corporate posts or share corporate posts with their friends.

    Imagine the Coca-Cola Facebook page making a post with a photo of a celebrity drinking a Coke in a park in Tokyo. If everyday people comment on or share this photo, I think it counts as engagement. I will defer to anyone working in social media tech to clarify the details. though!


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    Even less of an expert, I would agree that I understand it to mean 'clicking on any advert that appears on a Facebook page'.

    This is good for Facebook because if lots of people click on the ad from a Facebook page, more people will want to place their ads on Facebook pages.
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