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Writing a paper on advertisements I would like to find out, whether in the academic British English I have to use only the word "advertisement" or the word "ad" is also possible. The last one seems more colloquial to me, though I have met it in several publications on the subject.
Can I substitute the word "advertisement" only with the word "poster" or are there any other suitable expressions?

Thank you for your suggestions.
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    I don't know of any impediments which would prevent the advertising writer from using any form of the English language. If you intend to use terms which fly in the face of some academic limits I can't imagine where you would find a set of rules or guidelines to follow.


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    Hello koudryashka - welcome to WordReference :)

    I would be very surprised indeed if your academic British English constraints accepted "ad" in place of "advertisement".

    A poster is one particular form of advertisement. They are not synonymous.


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    Let me add my welcome too, koudryashka.

    I think academic writing, particularly in non-science subjects have been becoming less stuffy and formal. I would however suggest that you stick to advertisement if it is used in the title or early on in the paper before using ad or advert.


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    And my welcome three!

    One further suggestion: Publications, including professional journals, often have their own style and usage guidelines. You might pose your question either to the editors of the journal (if you're writing your paper for one of those) or to someone who deals with the subject academically.


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    Thank you very much for your answers! I asked this question here exactly because my feeling about using English words could be other than that of native speakers. Following your suggestions, I will prefer the word advertisement. So far as I don't use it in every sentence, but sporadically in paragraphs, I hope it will be fine!
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