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Hi everybody!
I want to use the word 'adapt' in the meaning of 'get used to'
Should I say, for instance, "I have become adapted to my misery" or "I adapted (to) my misery?" I guess that only the first option is correct but I want to make sure.

  • french1234

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    So it's not a good choice to use 'adapt' when I want to say 'used to'?

    By the way, the misery thing is just an example. I find it hard to study english, but it's not that bad (;
    I suppose "adapt" is a word describing something "global" which people are forced to follow, e.g., to adapt to a new regime, new economic situation, some political changes in a country, etc. Also we can adapt something, for example, an empty room so that it will be used as a library or an office. In my view, "get used to" is better and "come to terms with" also works.

    Bigote Blanco

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    I believe these common sentences work fine.

    I have adapted to living in a smaller house.
    I have adapted to spending less money.
    I have adapted to all the noise.
    I have adapted to the loss of my pet.
    I have adapted to the rigid diet.
    I have adapted to getting less sleep.
    I have adapted to the warm temperatures.

    The can all be changed to:
    I have gotten used to.....
    I have gotten used to living in a smaller house.


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    These are two seperate meanings, which in some contexts might be inter-changeable.

    adapt- If you adapt to something, you change the way you act/do things etc. in order to cope with the new input/problem.

    get used to- If you get used to something, the issue/problem exists for such a time that it becomes the norm. and no longer phases you.

    You get used to a new bad smell.
    you adapt to a new bad smell by plugging your nose.

    "I have become adapted to my misery= talking about misery that has happened, and is still happening.
    "I adapted to my misery"= talking about something that happened- like in a story.
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