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Hi everyone !

Just wondering if the following sentence is good:
" The supplier certifies that the delivered products are new and that they perfectly fit to the use they' are meant for."

the french version is : "Le fournisseur garantit que les produits livrés sont neufs et parfaitement adapté à l'usage auquel ils sont destinés."

Thank you very much in advance,
& I look forward to hearing from you
  • nnxion

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    Certifying something is often more of putting a certificate on something. Guarantee is usually just your word.

    fit to the use they' are meant for
    I suppose you could say this, but we don't usually say 'to the use' better though would be:​

    "The supplier guarantees that the products delivered (if you are shipping the goods to them, if they are already there then use 'delivered products') are new and perfectly suited to the purpose for which they are intended."
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