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I was browsing a blog and the blogger was looking for people who want to practice English and join them in a group conversation. She left her information (for example, Skype), some social media on the page. I then added her and asked "Hi, Can I join your group". She didn't reply. Today I asked again and she didn't reply either. I then went to her blog to comment "Can you add me to your group"?

Is this bold part natural?
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    Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect
    Thanks a lot, Uncle Jack.

    Will "Will you add me" also sound okay, I was told it would sound impolite.


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    This is also fine, Silver.

    'Would you add me/Could you add me' would be the politer forms of 'will you add me/can you add me'

    But 'can' and 'will' are not rude here, just more informal.