Add Rules checklist to Post Thread page


What about adding a message at the top of the Post Thread page reminding users to read/comply with forum rules for posting, or perhaps a quick checklist of items to include in the post (title of phrase to be translated, complete sentence that includes the phrase, context, attempt to translate) along with a link for more detailed guidelines. I know there's a link to the rules from the Post Thread page, but I wonder if the link is being overlooked. So many posts are lacking important information.

Thank you for considering my suggestion
  • mkellogg

    English - US
    Hi Reina,

    New members see this when posting a thread.

    Creating a Thread
    To get the best response, include:
    1. Thread Title: word or phrase to translate
    2. Full sentence where you saw it.
    3. Context and background (the situation where you saw or heard it).
    4. Country or region of the text (if applicable).
    5. Ask a specific question.
      The body of your message should include a specific question about the word or expression that appears in the title of your thread.

    This is generic for all language forums, and always in English. You don't see it because you are a Senior Member.

    In the next couple of months, I'll be upgrading the forums to the next version of the Xenforo software. That will be a good time for me to look at this again, get it translated to a few languages and generally improve on it.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though!