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I have one expression which need a little help for understanding. That is 'add-water-and-stir'.
I found the expression in the column which title was What Was the Question? in

The context was...
A perfect example of what happens when you dumb down complexity occurs in the personal finance industry. When we face something as complex as money, we have an urge to simplify the problem. But we often oversimplify it, by creating add-water-and-stir solutions.

I got a little understanding about it within context. But I want to be sure of it. Please let me know. Thank you.
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    "Just add water and stir" is the way various easy-to-prepare foods, such as condensed soup, are advertised. They are indeed easy to prepare, but they often do not result in the best possible food. You can get tastier and more nutritious food if you are willing to work a bit harder.

    Therefore, an "add-water-and-stir" solution is a simple solution that may not produce very good results.
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