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 If I want to say that "I want to add you as a friend" on the Internet, what would be the approriate way to say it in Japanese?

Here is my try〝友達になってもらえませんか?”. Would be appricated if someone could help me with this one.
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    "友達になってもらえませんか?” is perfectly fine.
    "フレンドになってもらえませんか?” is also fine.
    "お友達になってもらえませんか?" is okay in some contexts, but in other contexts, お友達 may mean "a real friend in our actual/daily life."
    Usually, お友達 is just the polite version of 友達, but if "友達" is a specific word which is defined on that website, you should not say "お友達," which sounds funny.

    These three literally mean "Could you become my friend?"

    Other expressions would be:
    ”フレンドリクエストをさせて下さい。” "Can I make a friend-request to you?"
    "フレンドリストに追加させて下さい。" "May I add you (as a friend) on the friend list?"

    It depends on the websites on the Internet, and it depends on what "a friend" means in your case, but 友達になってもらえませんか or フレンドになってもらえませんか seems best for me.
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