Addicted to + gerund???

Li'l Bull

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Hi, native speakers of English!

I'm wondering if the adjective "addicted" can be followed by "to + gerund", as in "I think he's addicted to talking to pretty women." I've looked the word up in several (good) dictionaries, but this structure doesn't appear in any of them.

Thanks in advance.
  • Sprache

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    Yes, that's perfectly correct and it's very common. In fact, it's the only way that it can be said whenever there's a verb following addicted to. :)


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    That's right. We wouldn't say "He's addicted to talk to pretty women.":cross:
    True. We might say, "He's addicted to pretty women," but that could mean in any sense (looking at or drawing pictures of them, writing about them and many other things that one need not list here), not just talking to them.
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