Addiction is the biggest reason she didn't/doesn't/hasn't done drugs.

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Hi There,

Can you let me know if my understanding of the differences in the following sentences is correct?
Also please correct the following sentences if they are incorrect. Thanks!!

Addiction was the biggest reason she didn't do drugs. - she may be doing drugs now? does it have any implication of now?
Addiction is the biggest reason she doesn't do drugs. - always true
Addiction is/has been the biggest reason she has not done drugs. - is there a difference if I use is/ has been? true till now?
Addiction is the biggest reason she has not been doing drugs. - no idea about this...

Thanks so much!
  • Uncle Jack

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    The first sentence suggests the time in which she might have done drugs is now past. It says nothing about now, and there is no suggestion that she now does drugs.

    The second sentence is timeless, as you say.

    The third is true till now. You can use either "is" or "has been", but I much prefer "is". "Has been" emphasises that this was her reason in the past. Is it about to change?

    There isn't really any distinction between the third and fourth sentences, except for the nature of "doing drugs", whether it is a habitual or a continuous activity.
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