adding ㅁ to verbs


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I have a quick question that I can't seem to understand.

Many of my Korean friends, when they write to each other, they add an ㅁ at the end of their verbs. Why is this there? For example:

학교에 갔음 (instead of just 갔어)
기쁘시겠어욤 (instead of just 요 i think)

I don't understand this construction.

도와주세요! 고맙습니댜!
  • lhyde17

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    hey, actually it doesn't change any meaning of the sentence. People tend to use that form to sound more friendly? So if you are writing an e-mail to your boss or professor, don't do that! :)


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    Oh so basically it is just like a way to make it sound more "colloquial" and between good friends or something? Okay, thanks!

    Also, is it only used in writing or in speaking too?
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