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  • cajzl

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    hétfő (ő is long!) - hétfőig
    szerda - szerdáig
    most (now) - mostanáig (till now)

    :warn: the short vowels o, ö are never final vowels in Hungarian
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    now= most

    :warn: "mostan" - That is rarely used and only in the language of lower classes of the society and it's not correct grammatically. Although one can see it in literary work as a result of poetic licence.

    till now= mostanáig

    There are no such words as "mostig":cross: and "mostanig":cross:, so DO NOT use them!!!


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    There are no such words as "mostig":cross: and "mostanig":cross:, ...
    You certainly must know it better, but ...

    The Hungarian websites are full of "mostanig" (e.g. Krisztus korától mostanig).

    The form "mostig" is very rare, but it exists as well, e.g.

    Az idő - ha van -
    tágul-görbül, mint a tér:
    mosttól mostig tart.

    (The time - if it exists - extends-curves like the space: it lasts from now till now.)

    "mostan" is also very frequent.

    There is also an adjective "mostani":

    Szereted a mostani zenét?
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