adding or he added?

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Hello everyone,

Please have a look at this sentence. Is the “adding” used correct

Leonardo executed the painting with patience and virtuosityafter preparing the wooden panel with several layers of coatinghe first of all drew his motif directly onto the picture, before painting it in oil, adding very weak turpentine, which enabled him to paint on innumerable layers of transparent color, known as glaze, and to endlessly remodel the face.

I feel confused with the wording “adding” here. Why is it a “-ing” form? Should it be “he added”
Usually an-ingstructure is used to modify a verb in the main sentence, but here it (adding) seems to be a parallel to “painting”, and that makes the whole sentence sound strange to me.

Thank you.
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    Where did you see this, Yichen? Who wrote it?

    I think the meaning is that Leonardo added turpentine to the oil paint, which thinned the paint and made it transparent. However, there is a problem with this construction. As you say, this use of the present participle leads us to expect 'adding' to modify the main verb, 'drew'.
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