Addition by carrying/with carry-over; Addition without carrying/carry-over


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Dear Teachers,
The following are the titles of two maths chapters in a book for Grade 1. Which version of the bracketed subtitles (if I can call them so) would you like: the carrying version or the carry-over version? I like the latter, for carrying seems incomplete/ambiguous to me. Or would you use something else?

1. Addition of Two 4-digit Numbers
(With/By carrying, or With carry-over)

2. Addition of Two 4-digit Numbers
(Without carrying/ Without carry-over)

Many thanks.
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    From a very distant recollection of when I first learnt how to do this at primary school, phrases like "six, carry one" stick in my mind. So based purely on my own experience I would use carrying.

    But I'd no idea they still taught kids to do it like that these days. :confused:


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    Cherish the memories, sir! Then would you use with carrying or by carrying in 1?
    Yes, they still teach this way, at least in India, where most of the things in fashion today are the things in vogue in the UK at least 50 years back(my personal observation)!
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