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Can anybody explain to me the structure of this paragraph? What is this all about? what's the meaning of 'reduced to..'is it induced?? please advise

"No prior agreement or communication by either party hereto shall alter the meaning or
interpretation of the Contract No.,modification, alteration, addition or change in the terms
hereof shall be binding on the parties hereto, unless such modification, allocation, addition
or change is reduced to writing in the English language and duly executed by the parties
hereto in the same manner as the execution of the Contract."
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    We are thinking of this meaning of reduce from Oxford Dictionaries:
    3 (reduce something to) Change a substance to (a different or more basic form):
    it is difficult to understand how lava could have been reduced to dust

    3.1 Present a problem or subject in (a simplified form):
    he reduces unimaginable statistics to manageable proportions

    3.2 Convert a fraction to (the form with the lowest terms).
    The idea is to summarise a complex discussion to some sentences in English.
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