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How would you translate "Addition table"? It is a graphic table with the facts of addition, starting with 1 and going up to 10 along the top and sides.

Would it be "tabla de sumar"?
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    Greetings, hablo1004,

    In Wikipedia they show the same graphic as you've shown and this is what the text stated.
    La tabla de sumar en forma cartesiana.

    Otra forma de representar la tabla de sumar es en forma cartesiana. En esta representación, la primera fila y la primera columna contienen los números que se van a sumar, y en la intersección de cada fila con cada columna se muestra la suma de ambos números.

    Hope this helps. Saludos.

    I'm sure you can get away with just calling it 'tabla de sumar' like you said. Cheers.
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