addition to tax


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Hola a todos.
¿Qué significa addition to tax en el siguiente contexto?
The price and other amounts to be assessed by Seller and paid by Buyer under the Contract do not include
taxes, duties, fees, or other charges of any nature (including, but not limited to, ad valorem, excise, franchise, gross
receipts, import, license, property, sales, service, stamp, turnover, use, or value-added taxes and any and all items
of withholding, deficiency, penalty, addition to tax, interest or assessment related thereto), other than "Seller Taxes"
(as defined in Section 4.2 below), whether levied against the Buyer, against Seller or its employees or against any
of Seller's suppliers, subcontractors or their respective employees.

Solo necesito ayuda con la parte en rojo.

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