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But we know that people who grew up using rotary phones didn't experience them as defective cellphones. They were simply phones. And the first flip-phones were admired for their slenderness, not rejected for the additional diminution they had failed to achieve.

(This comes from The Curse Of The Inability To Imagine on June 20, 2016.)

In the previous paragraph it says a video shows contemporary teenagers disparaging the cellphone technology (It's so big! And there's no screen! And texting is so slow!), so can I say 'additional diminution' means cut additional phone features, such as no screen and slow texting?
If yes, I feel the first flip-phones had achieved the diminution. Why the author say 'they had failed to achieve'?

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    "diminution" means "making smaller".

    The first cell phones were the size of ordinary house phones. I had one in my car.

    Later "flip phones" were created. They were much smaller than all other phones: that is diminution.

    Leter, smartphones were created. They were even smaller: that is additional diminution.

    Your author is saying that, back when flip-phones were new, nobody complained that flip phones weren't as slim as smartphones...because smartphones didn't exist yet.
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