Additional meaning of "greyly"?


I am having trouble translating the word "greyly" in this sentence:

"The feathers rose greyly against the grey clouds."

(Context: a pillow of normal bird feathers is shaken out from a window and some fall to the ground, others rise in the air).

Is it straightforward, do you think, so that "greyly" just refers to the colour, or are there other meanings of the word grey/greyly that I am not aware of?

I would appreciate any help, you can offer.
  • ewie

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    Hello Nrocco. I don't know of any additional meaning to greyly ~ I suspect it's just referring to the colour, as you say. The author could just as well have said the feathers rose grey against the grey clouds ... but chose to use the unusual greyly instead. (I'd translate it very literally, if that's possible in Danish.)
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