additional queistion of infinitive usage

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Thanks to Entnanglebank. It was very helpful.^^

I have another question after read about infinitive clausses.

If I say, " I need to fix the refrigeator to put some fruits in."

Does it means that I will use the refridgerator

only for putting the fruites in?

How should I say to express the meaning like I want to fix the refridge so I can use it as a machine for 'the refrigerator'

If I use infinitive clauses like (To + verb), it has only infinitive meaning


Then, in this case, 'The refrigerator which he puts beer in'

,which is using with relative clauses,

Does this sentence has meaning that we can

use the refrigerator not only for putting his beer but also for its own purpose?
  • JamesM

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    Neither one is exclusive. You might put more than fruit in the repaired refrigerator, but your immediate need is for a refrigerator that works in order to preserve some fruit.

    He may put more than beer in that refrigerator. The sentence implies that he might have more than one refrigerator and this refrigerator is the one in which he keeps the beer.
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