addossamento (di costruzioni)


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Va bene se traduco "addossamento" con "loading" nel caso di questa frase:

"L'addossamento di nuovi corpi costruttivi ai coni primitivi si realizzò in posizione frontale, laterale e concentrica."

'The loading of new construction bodies to the primitive cones was realised in a frontal, lateral and concentric position.' ?

(trattasi di Nuraghe, antiche costruzioni sarde)
  • GavinW

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    The best (most precise) word is a verb: to abut.

    The sentence itself is very concise, dense and complex in Italian, and expansion of the concepts would help.

    One suggestion might be:

    "Later additions and extensions were abutted to the front or side of the basic cone construction, or were built around them, in a concentric circle."

    The main (well, only) doubt (only a slight doubt) I would have is the best term in English for coni primitivi (tenendo presente la tipica forma architettonica delle nuraghe in questione).


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    You're welcome. I've just thought of a perfectly good English alternative for addossare/addossamento (for future reference), which is actually perhaps even more natural (and simple):

    "Later additions and extensions were built onto the front, or side, of the original conical construction,...".