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    I need to report to the immigration office when there is a change in my personal circumstances, and I was writing them an email when the following question came to my mind.

    The reason I am emailing you is to report that my address has changed from XX to YY.

    The reason I am emailing you is to report that my address has been changed from XX to YY.

    I am wondering if the both sentences are correct. Would anyone help me with this please? Thank you in advance.
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    I think this comes down to personal preference and/or styling. Both sentences are in a passive voice. Also, both can technically be used.

    In my opinion, "has been changed" could insinuate that it was not done at your request. However, "has been" sounds like you, in fact, did the action.

    I prefer: "I am emailing you to report that I changed my address." (Active voice.)

    Perhaps someone else can offer another suggestion. :)
  3. Camlearner Senior Member

    Hi 2loveIs2remember,

    I remember asking my English teacher similar question below:
    Should I say : The coffee is too hot to drink or too hot to be drunk?" Then he answered me that, according to strict grammar, we should say "The coffee is too hot to be drunk" because the coffee can't drink itself, it needs to be drunk (passive voice usage) by a person. But then he continued that however, current, modern usage seems to allow "The coffee is too hot to drink" is also correct and understood by general people. He seemed to explain me that language changes all times. That's all I can share with you as a fellow learner of English. :)
  4. 2loveIs2remember Senior Member

    Thanks Michel and Camlearner, for your help and comment. =)
  5. jonmaz Senior Member

    Both are acceptable and certainly understandable. However, my own inclination would be to write, "Please note my change of address. Previous address...XX. New Address...YY."
  6. boozer Senior Member

    Just one thing:

    The first sentence is not in the passive voice. It is just that the verb "change" is intransitive there.

    And yes, the second sentence is surely in the passive voice.

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