address - N48-68 y J. Sumaita, Prados del Este, casa 28, Dammer 1

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    Hi there. This is my first time in the Spanish forum, and I don't speak Spanish! I actually just need help understanding an address in Ecuador.

    M. Lizarzaburu N48-68 y J. Sumaita, Prados del Este, casa 28, Dammer 1

    I need to know what is the street name and number, and if those first two things are names, or street names... I tried to do a money transfer at the Bank, and they couldn't do it because they didn't understand the address.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Adolfo Afogutu

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    Welcome to the forum!
    It seems to me that the first two are street names, and “Urbanización Prados del Este” is the complete name of the housing development, whereas “Dammer” is the name of the neighbourhood.
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  3. Alec Haskins Senior Member

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    I nderstand that the house is located on a street called M. Lizarzaburu at numbers N48-68 (probably the N stands for North) on the corner with Street J. Sumaita, in the neighbourhood or district or housing development of “Urbanización Prados del Este”, the rest as indicated by Adolfo.

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